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Dr. Robert J. Haley
Dr. Robert J. Haley


I have been extremely fortunate in my professional career to have the opportunity to help so many people. For over twenty years that has been the case. I have also been fortunate to have worked on some of the world’ s greatest athletes. In them a saw a trait that was sometimes limited in the general population. Call it a ” Mental Edge” or a unique determination to overcome obstacles and stay the course to success.

Whether it was to heal an injury, improve performance or be healthier, top athletes have it. There is also the understanding of personal responsibility. Athletes realize it is themselves that control most of their success. They have coaches, trainers, etc., but they understand that they must put in the work. In general society, more often than not we blame others or more importantly we do not realize we have more control of our lives than we know.

This is true with our health. So after many years of motivating patients to understand that they must take responsibility for their health and allow health providers to assist them, ” Impatient Nation” was written. It is your blueprint for a healthier life and reaching your peak performance. It is a simple to read and follow guide with the average busy adult in mind. Learn the principles and teach your children so we can have a more ” Patient Nation”.