Local doctor offers test to help manage concussions

Over the past few years one of the biggest concerns in sports is concussions. For years the seriousness of concussions were downplayed. As more former athletes came forward to express the problems they suffered from multiple concussions society took notice.

To increase sport safety, education on concussion awareness has increased. Sports teams and health providers have improved their concussion management protocols. One part of concussion management is for the athlete to get a baseline concussion test before the injury occurs.

Computerized technology systems have been used by many sports organizations to help identify sensitive to mild cognitive changes. This technology can also help assist medical providers in measuring the cognitive function of athletes after suspected concussions or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Dr. Robert Haley, a sports chiropractor in Lyndhurst has been involved with sports injury management for over 20 years and now offers computerized baseline and post-concussion testing for youth athletes.

The concussion testing protocol begins with the athlete establishing a baseline in the non-injured state. The baseline test will determine their current cognitive performance. This is a measurement of processing speed, working memory, attention and accuracy.

 If an injury occurs the athlete will repeat the same tasks as the baseline and any cognitive changes from the baseline test performance would be identified. This helps indicate whether the brain has fully recovered.

This testing protocol can assist your medical provider in making decisions about when it is safe for an athlete to return to practice or competitive play.

The computerized testing program that Dr. Haley utilizes involves four sets of tasks that feature playing cards. Using playing cards make the tasks universally understood regardless of language or age.A young athlete takes a baseline test as part of the concussion management services provides by Haley Chiropractic in Lyndhurst.

On average, the baseline tests can be completed in 10 to 12 minutes.

The test is easily administered to the athlete and results are available immediately.

To schedule a test for your child or obtain additional information, you can contact Dr. Haley at 201-531-9400.


A young athlete takes a baseline test as part of the concussion management services provides by Haley Chiropractic in Lyndhurst.


About the Author:

Dr. Robert J. Haley is a chiropractic physician and nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the field of health and wellness.

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