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Dr. Robert J. Haley is a chiropractic physician and nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the field of health and wellness.

A Pain in the Butt

Thought gluteus maximus was a character in Gladiator? Don’t be an ‘ass’, here’s how to keep your rear-wheel drive on the road. Pure power, that’s what can be achieved with a set of well-developed glutes. Just look at the different gluteal development on sprinters compared to long-distance runners. Activities like sprinting, climbing and squatting are aided by a good pair of rear muscles – which consist of the [...]

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Bye bye back pain

Principles that lead to true health and wellness. Dr. Haley helps you incorporate sound principles into your daily life. The book is available through many retailers. Visit: www.haleyhealth.com for more information.

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